Two Ways to Share Your Car Donation Story

We’d love to hear more about your memories of your car and why you donated it to help veterans.

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Son of Active Reserve veteran, and grandson of WWII Naval veteran

"Before the DAV even picked up my car, I knew that I had made a good decision in donating my car instead of trading it in. Since I wasn’t trading my car in, I needed the dealer to drive one of my vehicles to my house when I bought my new car. On the ride back to the dealer, I was talking with the porter that drove my car and told him I was donating my old car to the DAV. He then told me that his brother had served, suffered from PTSD, and had committed suicide in the last year. Obviously, that’s horrible but it made me feel good to know that I, in a very small way, might help prevent someone else from suffering that fate with my donation to the DAV.

- Jason


Army & National Guard

"When it came time to replace my wife's 18-year-old car, we donated it to the DAV rather than sell it or trade it in. We're not rich and can't do a lot, but we do what we can, all in the name of helping my fellow veterans, which is the whole reason for the DAV's existence. "

- Glenn